Microsoft Windows 10 S official ISO image available for download


Windows 10 S is one of the new editions of Windows 10 designed primarily for touch and portable devices such as the Surface laptop whose main feature is that it is only compatible with UWP applications of the store, blocking the execution of all Win32 applications and various functions Windows that, in order to work, require the payment of the license of update to Windows 10 Pro, license that has cost of about 50 euros.

download Windows 10 S and create a USB installation to install this operating system on any computer

One of the main problems of Windows 10 S is that, at the moment, the only device prepared for it is the Microsoft Surface laptop, so at the moment it is a fairly unknown version of Windows and that, although it has Called the attention of users since it was announced, is very complicated to try.

A little over a month ago we explained how we could download Windows 10 S and create a bootable USB installation to install this operating system on any computer, however, this method, in addition to being complicated, when loading the drivers of the Surface, gave enough Problems in many of the computers, being finally almost impossible to install in any device other than the laptop Surface.

Microsoft wants users and, above all, developers to try the new Windows 10 S and continue to launch applications for it, so the company has finally released its official ISO images to be able to download and install this operating system on any computer.


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