Mail notifications on SMEs, the main malware threats

One reason why the virus are not as effective as they should is that many times, despite warnings generated for users are ignored. Is the user who decides to run a program or application despite warnings. The same goes for email notifications on SMEs, the main malware threats today come this way.

User confidence is used in the known sender, Mail, the Inland Revenue, Police, etc. sending a message by email. Here we show that we have a package to collect, notification, fines, etc. All deception relies on the user to run a program , thus avoiding antivirus protection.

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The fact is that the mail for many companies a means of communication with customers, also, has become u n mailbox to receive all such notifications , in many cases of e-government, online commerce, etc. which in many cases does not help distinguish between genuine and malicious.

If we are not careful about the malware threats the truth is that we have a serious problem that affects not only your computer, but to all who have connected with the company. A basic precaution that we can use is to open these emails from a tablet or a smartphone with Android or iOS. Thus if the attachment we have to open a PDF document with a legitimate can see it without problems.

Otherwise, if it is an executable specially prepared to infect our team, not being a Windows operating system will not affect us . Thus in the office computer just we have to delete mail. The other alternative is analyzing the file before opening it. For this you can send to an online service such as VirusTotal, even if the files are compressed detection is not always completely reliable.

Finally, we must be careful also with files and attachments can also reach us by social networks, since in many cases there is little control on this side. Not all companies have limited access to personal mailboxes and social networks of employees, so much that we are careful with our corporate email, everything can be ruined by the unauthorized access to a personal mailbox.


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