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Nature SoundMap to explore sounds of nature located on a map

Nature SoundMap, sounds of nature located on a map

We all know that you can travel the world without leaving home, virtually, thanks to applications like Google Maps, Street View and Google Earth, among others. However these tour deprive us from our senses,...

Google Chrome always offers suggestions when we started to write to in the browser bar

Chrome 29, Google’s browser is updated

Google released updated version of its browser Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Version 29 comes with many new features that will make your operation we find it much easier. Above all we...

When trying to access the web via Hotmail substitute to check email, sometimes skips a message logon error in Outlook

Outlook Problems accessing the new mail

For several hours it is impossible to access the Outlook mail and the new Hotmail. While this problem of access to Outlook, not all users suffer from email service from Microsoft, it seems according...