Guide to encrypt a Windows file or folder

The advantage of using this method is that we can quickly and easily encrypt all the files of a unit without taking into account which files we protect or add new folders or files as we create them.

The security and privacy have become two of the most important to users of computers, mobile devices or any connected terminal aspects. And we do not get tired of seeing how those friends of others every day find new methods to reach our teams and get personal or confidential information that we have stored in them.

And today is the most and the least stored in their computers private documents with important personal information or your company and even with bank data . Hence, more and more, users are interested in encrypting this type of documents so that, if they were infected by any type of malware that had access to them, they could not obtain such information.

How to encrypt a Windows file?

Click the right- mouse (mouse) the file or folder you want to encrypt, and then click Properties
On the General tab , click Advanced
Click to select the “Encrypt content to protect data ” checkbox .

As an alternative you can also use a non-native Windows program. We recommend the following ones that are open source and free:

AES Crypt (compatible Windows, Linux, Mac and Android)

Full disk encryption

As a second alternative , the encryption of the entire unit could be done with BitLocker .

The advantage of using this method is that we can quickly and easily encrypt all the files of a unit without taking into account which files we protect or add new folders or files as we create them. This must be done by the system administrator and all user accounts will be encrypted. This is the recommended option since BitLocker is more secure than EFS.

Warn you that only files and folders of NTFS volumes can be encrypted.

Why is it necessary to encrypt the data?

There are several cases where encryption is really necessary. If your laptop is stolen, for example, and is full of important documents with personal or work information, it is best that you have some way to block it to prevent the thief from accessing sensitive data. In many cases a thief steals a laptop to resell it almost immediately, but this is not always the case.

On the Internet, encryption is also necessary on several occasions: to make purchases where they need your banking information, if you are sending an email that has your personal data, and even to store information in the cloud. Many cloud storage services have the ability to encrypt information if you need it, and it should be a precaution that is always taken.

For businesses and corporations, encryption is extremely important because all the documents that are handled must be private . This is applicable if you have a company that works physically using an intranet among your employees, and it is even more important if it is an Internet-based one because there will be many databases that will be in the cloud all the time and that will need protection.

Who is obliged to encrypt the data?

They have to encrypt the information a large number of companies. We could say that all the subjects that treat personal data contained in files to which high-level security measures should be applied must do so .

However, the number is a little broader, since we must also include other types of subjects that carry out activities such as the processing of personal data related to ideology, union affiliation, religion, beliefs, racial origin, health or sex life; those that contain or refer to data collected for police purposes without the consent of the persons affected; lawyers in the exercise of their profession; companies that wish to adopt security measures that exceed the minimum required.


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