Google system to eliminate passwords

They have gone mad all of Google? Not at all! They just want to make life easier and to combat the theft of passwords. So they are studying the possibility that we can access their products via the mobile phone.

It would be helpful because it would stop inventing passwords with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and odd symbols. We would be protected without resorting to combinations that can only remember writing them down on a pad of physical or virtual notes.

Google is testing a way for users to log in without passwords

A necessary evolution to eliminate passwords

Not worth to put a date of birth, the name of your first pet or the city where you live. Like we did when we were novices, but today is not advisable. In fact, some services require registration to use passwords with a minimum number of characters and a combination of letters and numbers.

The new system of Google to eliminate passwords is studying under test. A user group has offered to experiment with such a simple mechanism to have a mobile phone and enter an email address. We send a message to the phone and only have to open it to confirm that it is we who are going to connect.

Little information about the first tests

By now many facts about this small revolution is not known, but we know that Rohit Paul is one of the users who have volunteered. It uses a Nexus 6p a high-end mobile phone manufactured by the US firm with the help of Huawei, a Chinese manufacturer with which allied months ago to conquer the Asian giant.

Finally, say that the new system does not eliminate 100% passwords lifetime, since the may ask if it detects that the user is having a strange behaviour.