FaceSubstitution, wear the fancy of celebrities using your webcam

FaceSubstitution is, by far, a fun experiment to show what we can achieve with our webcam and development techniques of the current web. Its purpose is merely entertainment, is to use our webcam to show our face and replace it with some celebrity.

FaceSubstitution to wear the fancy of celebrities using your webcam

Having chosen the face of any celebrities available, it is advisable to perform various facial movements to suit better to our face. The result is quite funny, the penalty is that for now we only have recourse to immortalize making a screenshot with any tool for taking screenshots.

The list of celebrities available in FaceSubstitution is not too extensive, although varied enough. We find well-known figures as Walter White (Breaking Bad), Rihanna, Nicolas Cage, Obama, George Clooney, Bill Murray, Mona Lisa, etc..

To experience the use of a browser that has support for WebGL is necessary, particularly recommend using Google Chrome.