Direct access to an entry in the Windows registry

The Windows Registry is where it is stored in a hierarchical configuration settings and options for the operating system of Microsoft. A tool that has accompanied from its origins to Windows and many users have chosen not to enter long for fear of touching something that would affect the proper operation of your computer. However, nowadays, they are increasingly users who are familiar with the Windows registry, because from there we will be able to make different settings from the configuration of the system can not do.

ways to access a specific entry in the Windows registry immediately without having to go sailing throughout the directory hierarchy

However, their structure makes it not easy to find what we seek , even knowing the exact route is easy to go wrong besides having to navigate a large number of tickets to get where we want whenever we access the system registry. Moreover, these routes so long are difficult to memorize and makes another once the exact spot where we need to go to access certain settings forget.

Then we will show different ways to access a specific entry in the Windows registry immediately without having to go sailing throughout the directory hierarchy. The first one goes to tap an option that provides the proper Windows registry because it offers from the tool menu, the option to add the path of a given key as favorite so we can then go to it with a single click .

To do this, simply open the Windows registry, go to the key in question and from the menu, choose the option Favorites> Add to Favorites . Here we can give the name you want to distinguish perfectly and we appear in the Favorites menu next time we go.


Another option is to use a third – party software, such as RegSkip , besides being able to indicate the route we want to go so that with one click we bring to it, also provides access to the registry keys of other computers remotely. In addition, it is a portable software, so it does not require installation and can be run without problem on any computer. You can download the tool from this link .

Another tool that allows us to directly open a registry key is regjump a command line utility. To use it, we unload and unpack it , open a command prompt window with administrator and going to the folder where we saved the executable.

Once this is done we launch a specific registry key directly from this tool by running the command: regjump [key path], for example, regjump HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows.