Create your own GIFs with Cliplets

Surfing the Internet is easy to realize the massiveness of the GIFs, these cute animations are increasingly present in the forums and comments from different social networks, and if in the past create a task seemed too complicated, there are now multiple tools facilitate the process.

Besides Photoshop, Photoscape or GIFCam, there is also a very simple tool that comes on the heels of Microsoft Research and is called Cliplets, which is extremely quick and simple to create your own animated GIFs jokes as a pleasant task.

The steps to create a GIF with Cliplets are quite simple, so do not take long to master the processes of creation. Once you have done some test GIFs, you can make your animations in minutes and have fun creating all kinds of jokes and interesting animations.

Microsoft Research and is called Cliplets

Download and install the program Cliplets, it should not present too many complications as it is a program that uses almost no resources.

  • Open a video that will serve as a base, you can drag it to the main window, or select it from the Open
  • Choose a frame static with time picker upper
  • Add new layers (up to 7) with the Add new layer
  • set animated objects in the static image with Lasso selection
  • Select the type of loop
  • Adjust the speed of the repetitions
  • Preview and export

After the process you can share your creation GIF with other users, is extremely simple, fast and fun, you can make GIFs more complex as you add more layers, but the best recommendation is to start with simple creations, 2 layer maximum.

You wanted your friends Login to join fun creating GIF animations? Cliplets is one of the tools available to facilitate, let the process.