How To Know If Your Computer is Infected by Virus

If you ask the following questions yourself and answer appeared as “YES” even one of them, then you have a good chance that your computer has infected by virus.

Your computer is too slow?

A common symptom of a virus is to make Computer speed slower than normal. However, there may be other reasons for low performance, such as a hard drive that needs to be fragmented, a computer that needs more memory (RAM), or the existence of spyware or adware.

Appearing unexpected messages, or are programs starting automatically?

Some viruses can cause damage to Windows or programs installed. The results of this damage might include messages displayed unexpectedly, programs initiated or closed automatically or sudden shutdown Windows.

The modem or hard disks are working more than necessary?

A common symptom of a virus is to make Computer speed slower than normal

An e-mail virus works by sending many copies by e-mail. An indicator of this is the activity light on the broadband modem is constantly lit or flashing intensely all the time; another indicator is the sound of the computer’s hard disk continually working. These symptoms do not always represent the presence of a virus, but may indicate a virus infection combined with other problems. To check it for viruses, examines the computer with an antivirus program. Everyday new viruses appear, therefore, it is important to keep the antivirus updated permanently.

ACCURATE Symptoms that your PC has a virus

Your computer is no longer the same? Presents various performance problems and strange messages appear? Here, surely, are the signs of an infection of the endless threats in the Internet browsing time.

Besides an antivirus, you need to have knowledge about the symptoms that malwares cause in the computer in order to identify problems and react faster to avoid greater evils.

There are certain behaviors that usually indicate that the computers were infected by virus, these are:-

1 – The computer “speaks”

There are several types of pop-ups, messages and news reporting infections and lack of protection. If this type of message appeared then you have a spyware on your PC or has been infected by a fake antivirus (also called “rogueware”).

2 – Slow

Slow on a computer can be caused by many things, including virus infection. Virtual threats (viruses, worms, Trojans, etc…) running resource consuming tasks, causing the system to run slower than usual.

3 – The application does not start

When one or more unresponsive applications or programs stop working, it is clear that something is not working properly. Some malwares attack certain applications or programs directly preventing them from running properly.

4 – Internet is not connected or slow

Loss of Internet connectivity is another common symptom of infection, although it can also be a server problem, the modem or router. When the connection is slowed, there are many chances that a malware is connecting a URL or opening separate connection sessions, reducing band width available, or doing virtually impossible to use the Internet.

5 – When open Internet browser it open unsolicited pages

This is another very common sign of infection. Many threats are designed to redirect certain websites against the user’s wishes; these pages may be imitations of legal pages to try to deceive.

6 – Personal files disappeared

This type of situation is really worrying; still some threats designed to delete or encrypt information, moving documents from one place to another.

7 – The antivirus and firewall disappears

Another typical feature of many threats is to disable security systems (antivirus, firewall, etc..) installed. If you uninstall a program may mean a failure of a specific software, but when all security components are disabled, the system definitely is infected by virus.

8 – Change the language

If the language of certain applications and programs change, or the screen moves, or desktop shortcuts disappear, it is possible that the system is infected by virus.

9 – The File Library (to run programs, games, etc.) disappears

If this happens, it is more than an indication that the computer is infected by virus, but it can also be caused by an incomplete or improper installation of some programs.

10 – The computer gone crazy

If the computer starts acting on its own, send e-mails, open Internet sessions and applications without application, it is a sign that you are infected with some malware.