Easy Tips to Clear Facebook Search History

Facebook, being a social network, has the possibility of being able to search for people and pages. When we search for a person, a particular page or group, it is stored within the search history. Do you want to learn how to delete this search history? Here in this post, we will teach you to do it.

Do you want to learn how to delete this history Facebook search
This is one of the fastest and simplest processes we can do in this social network, but it is important to know that it is an irreversible process, so if you delete this history you will not be able to recover it and you will lose all the information that was there.

Being an irreversible process you have to think about before doing it, but anyway many of us who are loyal users of this social network prefer to be constantly eliminating this history, but anyway it is modified with the latest searches.

How to delete history on Facebook

This procedure can be done through the main platform of Facebook or also from the application, in both cases the process is done in the same way. If you are sure that you want to delete the search history of Facebook continue reading and here we will show you.

Delete searches from Facebook
1. Open Facebook with username and password
2. Go to the search engine and click on the
3. All recent searches will appear
4. Tap “edit”
5. A menu will be displayed, in which you have to press on “clear searches”

You noticed it is a fairly easy process to do, but remember that it is irreversible, so you will not be able to recover the searches that you have already deleted.

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