5 free applications for Windows that you must try this 2018

Each computer is a world. Each user has some hobbies when setting it up, as well as a series of essential applications that they use daily, or sporadically, and without which they could not work normally. However, we should always have an open mind regarding the applications that we use on our computer every day, since, if we try others, it is easy for us to take more than one surprise, as we want to try with this article.

To have a file compressor in our Windows conditions we recommend PeaZip , a free and open source file compressor that is very easy to use and compatible with practically all compressed file formats

Within Windows we always like to differentiate 3 types of applications, which are paid, to use we must pay a license to its developers, which are free, we can use without restrictions without having to pay, and those that are code open that, in addition to being free, we can have access to its source code.

We want to take this article to recommend a series of elementary applications for day to day, all free, and some open source, which, if you do not know, we recommend you take this year 2018 just started to give them an opportunity.

Free applications that we must try in Windows

The most important thing when we start up a computer is to make sure we have good protection against all types of malware and computer threats. Therefore, the first thing we recommend is going to be a free antivirus. If we are users of Windows 10, we recommend giving an opportunity to Windows Defender , the antivirus installed by default in Windows 10, although if you prefer to opt for other security signatures, we recommend the following article with the best free antivirus 2018 .

Windows Defender Windows 10 2018

Surely we have done screenshots on our computer. Windows, by default, has a tool that allows us to save screenshots on our computer by pressing the Print Screen key on the keyboard. Although the function of Windows works, if we usually make many captures and edit them, it is much better to use some specific tool for screenshots.

ShareX is a free and open source application to take screenshots, edit them and save them comfortably on our computer.

ShareX 12

Windows also comes by default with a compressor and zip file de-compressor. However, this is too simple to be able to work comfortably with it, as well as not being compatible with many other formats.

To have a file compressor in our Windows conditions we recommend PeaZip, a free and open source file compressor that is very easy to use and compatible with practically all compressed file formats. If for some reason this compressor does not convince us, we can also choose Bandizip, a similar alternative, free but exclusive.

Portable compressors

With the passage of time we will accumulate in our computer all kinds of programs, many of which we will no longer use. Windows allows us to uninstall the programs that we have installed from its Configuration menu, however, if we want a more complete and professional application we can choose Geek Uninstaller.

Geek Uninstaller Windows 10

Finally, we want to recommend an application that we just met a couple of weeks ago and that, really, is very useful to improve the topography of Windows: MacType. This free and open source application fixes one of the most annoying problems of Windows 10, the blurry letters, configuring the operating system so that they look the same as in macOS, as the name suggests.


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