Apache OpenOffice launches enhanced version 4

OpenOffice is, for some time, an excellent free alternative to Microsoft’s office suite. Some time ago Oracle bought the suite and closed the code, continuing a free alternative called LibreOffice that evolves completely independently of Apache OpenOffice. Oracle decided to leave the office suite control in the hands of Apache, who have been improving and optimizing the suite independently.

Although the project has been in the hands of the company Apache, this has not evolved as fast as expected, and has been considered a bit neglected, until now that Apache has announced the launch of the new version of Apache OpenOffice, the 4.0, which includes a number of enhancements and improvements with which you intend to re-enter the fight for the best office suite.

Apache has taken utmost care in every step of this update because it wants to preserve the 57 million downloads which had its version 3.4 users and steal his main rival, LibreOffice. Among others, the improvements offered by this new update of OpenOffice are:

Apache OpenOffice, an excellent free alternative to Microsoft's office suite launches enhanced version 4

  • Translation into 22 languages.
  • 500 Correction of errors and vulnerabilities.
  • Improved compatibility with Microsoft Office documents.
  • The sidebar has been improved and optimized.
  • Schemes Office 2007 and 2010 fully supported.
  • Improved color palette and new gradients.
  • New galleries and themes.
  • New and improved tools.

You can see the complete change and compare improvements over previous versions from the Wiki for OpenOffice.

Version 4 of Apache OpenOffice can be downloaded from their website . At the moment only available for Windows, but will soon be releasing version 4.0 for Linux and Mac

Apache OpenOffice Think you can get to stand up to Microsoft Office? What is your preferred office suite?


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