10 Quick Tips for Spying on Android Phones

In the previous video we can see very useful information on an application of surveillance XNSPY. You do not need to have the device in your hand before you start spying on an Android phone. There are some useful tips you can follow while using the app, which allows you to see everything your target does on your smartphone, remotely and in complete stealth mode.

XNSPY is a mobile monitoring program for those who want to monitor a certain device in a confidential way


XNSPY is a mobile monitoring Spying program for those who want to monitor a certain device in a confidential way. You can create your own profile and select the features for which you want to receive notifications. With this application, you can block certain activities, track others, listen without being seen both calls and discussions that take place in the target device environment, and even know where the device is at all times. To use the app, you have to subscribe to it, install it, and activate it. It operates completely in stealth mode, so it will not cause the device to slow down or spend too much battery. With the following ten tips,

Know the Functions of the Program

If you do not know for sure why you need to spy on an Android phone, you will not know what features are required in the app. For example, you may be an entrepreneur who needs to know the GPS location of the device because it tells you where your employees are at certain times. On the other hand, you may need a program that lets you see what a certain person does in your WhatsApp or other messaging applications. You may be a worried parent who needs to monitor the photos your child shares and who they share online with.

Adhere to the “Help” Mentality while Using the Application

Know that spying on Android phones is keeping people safe and protected at the same time. For example, with functions that allow you to place words, contacts, email contacts, and watch list locations, you can protect your children or protect your company from unfair employees. He can know when the person being watched has the intention of going to the wrong places or stealing his clients.

Keep Personal Records

Take screenshots of the various activities you observe on the monitored device before having the “chat”. In addition, XNSPY enables recording of all incoming and outgoing calls and even turns on the recorder.

Spy Apps Installed on Android Phone

Take advantage of the program’s ability to provide access to the list of applications installed on the device to watch. In addition, you can block applications that you do not want the other person to use. For example, heads of staff who do not want their employees to spend the day on Facebook Messenger, Skype or Instagram, can block these applications from afar. The user can not use them without his permission.

Plan Your Strategy for the Loss or Theft of Your Phone

In the event that the device is lost, what should be its strategy? With this application, you can track the location by GPS and send someone to pick it up. If there is valuable information that can threaten your safety, you can lock the device until it recovers. In the worst case or when it has been stolen, you can erase all data from it.

Synchronization and Data Export

Once you install the application on the target device, make sure you have an Internet connection most of the time. Without Internet, the application can not load data updates into its control panel. Without synchronization, you will not receive data when given on the monitored device. XNSPY also gives you the option to export data in CSV format, so you can evaluate the data.

Track all incoming and outgoing information

Monitor all incoming and outgoing emails. Sometimes people think that they can share secrets through email without being detected. As the application comes with words and email addresses in watch list, you can set notifications to be received every time certain words or certain contacts send their mails to your target.

Ensure the Security of Credentials on the Device

It is quite common to save passwords and usernames. People usually have that information on the browsers of their mobile phones for easy access. However, entrepreneurs feel threatened because hackers can use this information to filter company secrets. You can use the app to view your browsing history and favorite user pages. Also, you can know how often you visit those pages. If the monitored person visits marked pages that threaten your company, you can get their attention.

Evaluate Activities Before Deciding the Next Step

Before taking a decision on the course of action to take, take at least three months to carefully observe the behavior of your target. Talk to the person about their observations and use screenshots of XNSPY as a backup. Use the control panel to view the report on activities in the target device as often as you like. You’ll be able to understand the mores of your target by viewing incoming and outgoing call updates, the last visited location, and recent text messages. In the control panel, you can view all text messages incoming and outgoing, who come and the exact time that happened talks. You can see where the device at that moment.

Use Proactive Measures Offered by the Application

As the application offers numerous monitoring functions to enable the espionage of Android phones, you can use the option to activate alerts in the settings. This option allows you to configure the application according to your preferences about the notifications that you want to receive. You can simply turn off notifications you do not want, such as Contacts in Watch List, words in Watch List, and areas in Watch List.

With these tips, you will be able to take full advantage of the application and track the activity of the target mobile phone easily.


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